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Your teens plan to get a Ontario drivers license and need a road test booking?

Your teens plan to get a Ontario drivers license soon?Check this first: Driving Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

  • 1. Be a safe driver. There’s no better way to teach your kids how to drive then to show them yourself. Take a second to reflect on your own driving habits and tweak some things next time you get in the car. Yes, this even means following the speed limit exactly as it’s posted. Practice what you’re preaching to them before road test booking in Ontario.
  • Spend time helping them with hands-on experience. So many studies show that the best teen drivers are the ones that have spent time in the car with their parents practicing, and honestly, it’s a great excuse to get to spend some time together before they’re all grown up. When you fill your kinds are ready start checking for road test booking in Ontario.
  • Make your consequences clear. While every state has different laws for new drivers that obviously have to be followed, you can set up some of your own rules too. Let them know if they lie about where they are going, you will take away privileges for 1 month. If you catch them touching their phone, you will take away privileges for 2 weeks. Maybe set your own curfew, as nighttime accidents are most common. It might even be a good idea to write up a contract with your teen specifying these things.

road test booking in Ontario

  • Encourage responsibility and good grades before road test booking .
  • Talk to your teen about all the responsibility that comes along with the privilege of driving; like the costs of car maintenance, gas, and insurance. Enroll them in an insurance program that rewards their good grades with discounts throughout high school and college.
  • Monitor their driving after road test booking and test passing. Even once your teen has passed all their driving exams, keep up with how they are doing with their actual driving too. Continue to go on drives with them even if it’s just around town and continue to give them constructive criticism. There are GPS systems and apps that can help you do this too. MOTOsafety is a popular device that is available on Amazon.

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