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  • Do you need to book driving test in Ontario? Unique booking service for G2 and G Driving Test

    Only with us you can:
    Choose a DriveTest Centre
    Choose a day during the week
    Choose a time slot
    Do not take chances, do not waste your time book a driving test now.

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  • Please, pay attention

    Important changes in our service, which are associated with the huge queues for driving tests, as a result of Covid 19 and the long closure of all centers.
    As a result of the large shortage of test slots, we are forced to cancel the option specified in the registration form,

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  • Ontario driving test Exam Routes

    Plan to book your driving test? Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to pass your driving test. Video Lessons along the route can be viewed many times. These video lessons from professionals will prepare you for the exam and help you pass the road test on your first try.

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  • G2 or G Driving test. We book them both!

    To book a driving test with us as easy as 1-2-3. Chose any location in Toronto or Ontario, choose a day during the week, choose a time slot during the day, fill up the registration form and get your ontario drivers license. during next 2 - 7 days

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  • Can you afford to spend a several hours in the line?

    Plan to book driving test? It is not easy to book driving test at a convenient time and in a convenient place. You can spend several hours in the line and order a test after a month. We solve this problem for you. We here to help you to book driving test. Use link below

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  • Do you need to book driving test?G

    To book driving test G2 or G in Toronto contact our comapny. We have specials every week. All you need is to choose the day when you plan to pass your driving test and fill up a form on our website. Your driving test we`ll book after 2-3 days.

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Our company has no relation and is in no way affiliated with the Ministry of Transport and examination centers. Using our service, you agree to pay for this service and understand that the level of support depends on how urgently you want to set up your test and how much time our specialists spend to find the best exam time for you.

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WWW.ROADTESTBOOKING.CA has no relation and is in no way affiliated with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and DriveTest Centres.
Using our service, you agree to pay for Drive Test booking Service and you understand that the cost of this service depends on how urgently you want to book your road test how much time our booking specialists spend to find the best Drive test exam spot for you.

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