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 ( Please note that this service does not include a car for passing your driving test )

Road test booking in Toronto and Ontario

Ready for G2 or G road test booking in Toronto? With our service, it is much easier now. Choose an option that is right for you.
Please read carefully our TERMS & CONDITIONS bellow before ordering our service.

Select the option that best matches your request and be ready to pass your G2 or G Drive test in Ontario!

road test booking in Torontoroad test booking in Toronto



Please read carefully

How our service works.

Please, pay attention to the important changes in our service, which are associated with the huge queues for driving tests, as a result of Covid and the long closure of all centers.  As a result, more than 800,000 Ontarians were unable to take their test on time. As a result of this situation the long closure of all Drive centers in Ontario, huge queues were formed. As a result of the large shortage of test slots, we are forced to cancel the option specified in the registration form, which gave customers the opportunity to select three test centers and choose a day of the week and a time during the day for the road test booking. 

(The possibility of choosing three test centers remains for our clients living more than 1 hour away from the GTA).


1. I AGREE, My test can be booked in any GTA Drive Test Centers and in any city within a one-hour drive from the GTA. 

From Hamilton to Oshawa from West to East, from Barrie, Orangeville, and New Market in the North and Northwest to the central test centers of GTA.

2. I AGREE  my test can be booked during any day of the week and at any time during the day.

3. I confirm that I have paid for my G2 or G test in amount according to the Ministry of Transportation.
( All official information regarding payments can be found here: )
If you are not sure if such payment has been made, you should call at 1-888-570-6110 or 647-776-0331, press 0 after the start of the message, and find out in the customer service of DriveTest Ontario whether or not you paid for the exam that you plan to order in our company.

4. I AGREE  If there is no payment, I must pay for my G or G2 test to the MTO Ontario and only then order road test booking service. 

Please keep in mind! Our specialists can find out the fact of payment or not payment only by spending a lot of time looking for an exam according to your order and failing to order drive test exam for you because you have not paid for it. 

6. I AGREE,  in this case, if I ordered a test booking service without the appropriate payment to DriveTest Ontario, the payment I made for your service is not refundable and I`ll make the necessary payment for my G or G2 test and pay for your service again.

Drive test booking Etobicoke

To increase safety on the roads of Ontario new type of licensing for new drivers who ready to pass  G2 road test in Toronto and was introduced in 1994.

Phased licensing lets new drivers gain experience before booking a road test in Toronto and Ontario.

  • In the first phase, the new drivers book G1 drive test in Toronto and Ontario. After passing G1 test they are ready to book G2 1nd G road test in Toronto and Ontario.
  • G2 – this is the second phase in Ontario licensing for new drivers. After successfully passing G2 road test in Toronto they will be ready for their highway G road test.
  • This is the third stageWhen you take the driving test in Toronto, the examiner will give you directions. As you complete the driving tasks on your drive test in Toronto, the examiner will watch to make sure you successfully perform the actions associated with them.

Do you want to pass your Ontario G driving test in Ottawa or in the area with no highway around?  We can book your Ontario road test and teach you all the necessary “tips” and “tricks”. You will know all the maneuvers and the right way to perform them.

p.s. Everyone knows that it’s not easy to get an Ontario drivers license.   It is much easier now. Choose any DriveTest center in Toronto or Ontario to get Ontario drivers license after 2 – 5 days. We know where to book your driving test.  We know the easiest place to pass a G2 or G test in Ontario.


To book a driving test and get your Ontario drivers license as easy as 1-2-3. Chose any location in Toronto or Ontario, choose a day during the week, choose a time slot during the day, fill up the registration form and you are ready to go. 


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Using our service, you agree to pay for Drive Test booking Service and you understand that the cost of this service depends on how urgently you want to book your road test how much time our booking specialists spend to find the best Drive test exam spot for you.

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